Hunter Education

As hunters, we spend hours pouring over maps, days scouting and weeks in the wild places that hold our quarry. Preparation is the first step to a successful hunt. Preparation is also the first step to protecting your hunting privileges. Our attorneys are central to both.

Hunter Rights: Unfortunately, even innocent mistakes can lead to serious legal consequences, including felony and federal wildlife violations. More importantly, game rules and regulations are not commonsense and can be easily misinterpreted. For example, what constitutes “waste” when packing an animal out or the rules governing trespass are extremely confusing and can quickly end a hunting career. Similarly, every hunter should understand what a Wildlife Officer is allowed to do when contacting a hunter. Must a hunter describe where he or she was hunting or provide his or her hunting license? Our Wildlife Lawyers continually blog on hunter rights, offer hunter education seminars for groups and organizations across the nation and are available 24/7 should you need representation or would like information specific to your concerns.

Dream Hunt Planning: Our attorneys can also help you prepare for your hunt of a lifetime. For example, Canada routinely denies entrance to US citizens that have a minor criminal history such as a DUI or DWAI if those citizens have not complied with Canada’s Criminal Rehabilitation process. This process is complex and arduous and if not done correctly, could jeopardize your hunt. Maybe you need a second opinion on your contract with an outfitter or hunt broker before you spend thousands on the hunt of a lifetime. Regardless of the obstacles, our attorneys can help protect your hunt of a lifetime.

Call one of our Wildlife Lawyers today. We’ll help you prepare for your hunt.

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