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Colorado is a great state for outdoorsmen, whether hunters or fisherman or just for those who enjoy the beauty of the countryside. If you are a Colorado hunter, fisherman, outfitter, or other wildlife enthusiast, you are most probably aware of the state and federal laws and regulations governing your chosen activity. You may, however, violate the rules of a state or federal agency or a private party, finding yourself facing civil or criminal charges or involved in a civil dispute over matters connected with your outdoors activity. Getting involved in a legal issue of this kind can ruin your hobby and a license suspension or revocation may make you ineligible to participate in outdoor sports in other states as well, per the Interstate Compact Act.

All of this points to the need for experienced and relevant legal advice and representation in a wildlife violation, a hunting violation, a fishing violation, or associated offenses or disputes over property hunting rights. That is where a Colorado wildlife defense lawyer at Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC can make a huge impact in how your legal issue unfolds and resolves in a state or federal court. Our firm is devoted to defending and protecting the rights of outdoorsmen and sportsmen throughout the state of Colorado and across the nation. We have an impressive and experienced team of proven trial lawyers who will work vigorously on your behalf to defend you in any civil or criminal charges, whether at the state or federal level.

Colorado Wildlife Offenses and Violations

Our firm defends against all types of license violations, such as fishing and hunting without a license, fishing without a permit, hunting without a permit, offenses connected with archery, wasting of wildlife, illegal possession of wildlife, willful destruction, unlawful taking, and failure to field dress per regulations. We also aggressively represent clients involved in disputes over property hunting rights, trespassing, firearm violations, illegal use of motor vehicles, and violations of the Federal Lacey Act. We have even obtained pardons for clients convicted of prior offenses.

Whatever offense you are accused of, a Colorado wildlife lawyer at the firm is standing by, ready and prepared to review your case, advise you on its legal aspects, and represent you in any negotiations or court of law.

Contact a Colorado wildlife attorney from our team to get started on your legal defense today.

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