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As a hunter, fisherman, or outfitter for wildlife enthusiasts in Nevada, you may have found yourself in the position of facing off against state or federal agencies or private individuals who have charged you with violations. You may be charged with a hunting violation, fishing violation, or other type of license violation. You may be involved in a dispute regarding various aspects of wildlife and game activity. These disputes and offenses can include wasting of wildlife, illegal possession of wildlife, unlawful taking, property hunting rights disputes, issues with archery, and more. In the face of such charges you may feel hopeless, as going up against a state or federal agency can be an intimidating prospect.

Under such circumstances, we advise you to arrange to speak with a Nevada wildlife lawyer at Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC about your situation as soon as possible. Our firm is devoted to keeping you informed, protecting your rights, and aggressively defending you in both state and federal courts. We have extensive experience across the nation in successfully handling the cases of those who have been arrested for both civil and criminal wildlife offenses. Our attorneys form an exceptional trial defense team that will go to work in a diligent and comprehensive manner to fully prepare your case against any individual or any state or federal agency. We understand what you are up against and know how get results.

Let a Nevada Wildlife Defense Lawyer Help You

Wildlife violations can include allegations of fishing and hunting without a license, firearms offenses, illegal use of motor vehicles, hunting without a permit, fishing without a permit, willful destruction, trespassing, failure to field dress according to strict rules and regulations, or federal offenses under the Federal Lacey Acts. Regardless of the situation or offense, a Nevada wildlife attorney at the firm can help you with an aggressive defense. We have even obtained pardons for previous convictions for our clients.

Contact a Nevada wildlife lawyer from our legal team if you are facing civil or criminal violations regarding hunting, fishing, or wildlife activity today.

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