Wildlife Archery Violations Lawyer

Archery hunting is perhaps the fastest growing aspect of the outdoor industry. The challenge, the time of year and a host of other factors make pursuing an animal with a primitive weapon a thrilling experience. Archery hunting, however, includes incredible risks for wildlife violations.

Waste. The temperature during many archery hunts in the west can reach 80 degrees or more. In these conditions, game meat will spoil within a few hours if not handled properly. If a hunter leaves a portion of the animal at the kill site, a Wildlife Officer may assume that the hunter chose not to pack out edible portions in violation of State Law.

Willful Destruction. Although no hunter wants to wound an animal with an arrow, it inevitably happens. A hunter may then pursue the animal only to find the carcass completely spoiled. The hunter may still choose to retrieve the trophy parts (i.e. the antlers). A Wildlife Officer may cite the hunter for Willful Destruction if he or she believes the edible portions of the animal were not retrieved.

Selecting a lawyer who understands these issues is integral to your defense. Don't make the mistake of hiring a basic criminal defense attorney to protect your hunting privileges.

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