Federal Lacey Acts

Our attorneys are focused on producing results - which in the Federal system means keeping our clients out of the Federal Penitentiary!

Being Indicted, Cited or Arrested on Federal Charges

The United States Government has virtually unlimited money and resources to pursue its cases. In most cases - years of investigation go into a Federal indictment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in investigative costs, undercover stings and countless interviews. What this means for a potential client accused of Federal Charges is that the U.S. Government is unlikely to simply plea bargain away a case that they have spent so much time and money pursuing.

Almost all federal investigations lead to an indictment or actual Federal charges. Many times, by the time an accused becomes aware of the investigation; vast resources have been marshaled against them that include undercover sting operations, wire taps and surveillance.

The most important time to obtain a knowledgeable and aggressive defense attorney is when you first become aware that you are under investigation. Even if the investigation is centered around your spouse, another family member, a business associate or someone else, if the FBI or Federal Agents are wanting to talk to you, you need an aggressive and experienced defense attorney immediately.

If you have not been indicted - our knowledgeable defense team will focus all of our efforts on ensuring that no charges get filed against you. Aggressive representation upfront and early is crucial in attempting to thwart the U.S. Government's attempts to charge someone with a federal crime.

Recently the Federal Government has increased their investigation efforts towards mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud, embezzlement cases, wire fraud and corporate white collar criminal activities. There has also been increased undercover activity by Federal investigative agencies designed to catch sex offenders, possessors of child pornography and soliciting minors over the internet.

However, even minor offenses and traffic offenses committed on federal property such as a national park, can result in federal criminal charges.

We Produce Results

Most Federal judges still sentence according to the Federal Sentencing guidelines which almost always include harsh and lengthy prison sentences. Our experienced defense attorneys have the past case results and the specific expertise to obtain sentences that are outside of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines or a Downward Departure.

We Level the Playing Field

Our team of experienced federal trial attorneys and defense specialists will level the playing field between you and the United States Government.

It is critical that you have a defense team when facing charges by the Federal Government and not just an individual lawyer. Federal defense and Federal Courts are drastically different than state courts and the trial tactics and strategies for producing results are also drastically different. Our clients are assured of a trial defense team with extensive trial experience and successes in the Federal system.

Early representation is critical to obtaining results in the Federal System.

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