Fishing Violations

Fishing Violations, What they are

For those avid fisherman, chosing to fish in their home states or in another, you need to know all the state rules and regulations. It is more expensive for non-resident fisherman to enjoy the sport in most states. The falsifying of any license or document, just to save some money, can be extremely expensive if discovered.

Licensing rules and regulations are very specific as to what type of fish you can catch, where you can catch them and what time of the season you may do so. Fishing rules and regulations can be more complex than you might imagine. Violating them can result in stiff penalties as well as possible suspension of hunting and fishing privileges.

The wildlife violation defense attorneys at are extremely educated and experienced in all state fishing laws and they are dedicated to helping you with any situation you might find yourself in. If you, a friend or relative have been accused of any fly fishing violations, contact, a division of Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC today to safeguard your rights.

Fishing Violations Lawyer

All types of fishing, including fly fishing, can be fun and enjoyable, however, you must know and follow all the rules and regulations. Especially when visiting another state, make sure you correctly follow all of the licensing rules and fee schedules.

In addition to the type of fish and when and where you can fish for them, there is also a limit on the amount you may take and rules for what you may do with the fish once caught. If you are found wasting fish, you can be cited with Wasteful Destruction charges also.

Contact one of our attorneys from, a division of Cantafio Feldmann Nagel if you find yourself in a situation regarding any fishing violations.

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