Wildlife Attorney For Big Game Hunting Violations

Defense for Hunting Big Game Without a Permit

Big Game Hunting, which includes the hunting of elk, moose, deer, mountain goat and ram to name a few.

When one speaks of big game hunting, one has to know the specific rules and regulations for this type of hunting. The regulations are very specific to what type of animal can be hunted during what time of the season. You must have a license to hunt and you can only hunt the type of wildlife indicated on the license, at the time and location the license specifies. The wildlife violation defense attorneys at WildlifeLawyers.com have been trained on state Wildlife Hunting Laws and are experienced in all the rules and regulations.

You also have to know if you are on government or private land when you are hunting. It is against regulations to stray off into areas where your license doesn't allow. There are special licenses for hunting on people's private property. Ranchers allow hunting on their property with the correct Ranch Hunting License.

Before hunting, you must take a Hunter Education Course and have a certificate/card for that training. This card must be on you, along with your hunting license to be legal.

Like all other hunting rules and regulations, the licensing for big game hunting is even more important when it comes to the penalties involved in any violations. The monetary penalties can be very high and could include jail time (depending on circumstances) in addition to extended periods of time for revoking ones hunting license.

The key is to be aware of everything you need to hunt big game and if you choose not to, be prepared to pay the price.

If you, a friend or relative find yourself in a situation where you have been arrested or accused of any big game hunting violations, contact WildlifeLawyers.com, a division of Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC immediately.

Defense Lawyer for Big Game Violations

Our outdoor and wildlife defense lawyers at WildlifeLawyers.com are skilled at dealing with Federal Agencies and the states' Division of Wildlife. Our defense lawyers will protect your rights in an outdoor recreation case. We know how confusing this type of situation can be and that is why we are dedicated to informing, protecting and defending outdoor enthusiasts. Our team of attorneys has extensive experience defending sportsmen and women, just like you, who might have been arrested or accused of big game violations.

Don't delay! Contact one of our attorneys from WildlifeLawyers.com, a division of Cantafio Feldmann Nagel if you have been charged with a big game hunting violation.

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