License Violations

Citations and both civil and criminal charges arise frequently out of licensing violations.

Typically, licensing violations will result in an assessment of fifteen license suspension points. Often times, in addition to the license suspension points, those who violate licensing laws may be charged with a misdemeanor and assessed very large fines.

For instance, in Colorado, any person who makes false statements or provides false information to acquire a big game license can be assessed a fine that is equal to twice the cost of the most expensive license for such species. Furthermore, once an individual has received twenty or more license suspension points in any consecutive five-year period, the commission or a hearing officer has the exclusive authority to suspend the privilege of applying for, purchasing, or exercising the benefits conferred by any or all licenses issued by the division for up to five years.

This loss of privilege extends to all outdoor wildlife activity. For instance, if an individual has been assessed twenty license suspension points in relation to hunting violations, he or she will not only lose the privilege to hunt, but will lose the privilege to fish, or engage in other wildlife activity.

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