Professional Hunters and Media

For a lucky few, hunting is not just a passion, it's a profession. Traveling the globe and finding those wild places takes an incredible amount of time and dedication. Working with outfitters and hunt brokers to find the best hunts, negotiating contracts, renewing trademarks and managing produced material are just a few of the areas that make an amazing hunt possible. Here's just a few ways we can help you.

Lease Drafting. You pay to hunt on the best leases in the country. We make sure those leases are lock-tight and protect your contractual rights.

Trophy Stipulations. Sometimes, the most rewarding hunts are those that don't produce a trophy. However, what can you do to ensure that you have the best chances of producing both? If you are relying on the services of an outfitter is that outfitter doing all he or she can to produce the experience you want? We set out clear guidlines for outfitters to ensure that your hunt mirrors the price tag.

Trademark Acquisition. Branding is the most important part of a successful product or service. It's how your viewers, clients, or customers associate your product with your company. Without a legally and commerically solid brand, your product or service will not survive the test of time. We provide trademark opinions, help you secure the appropriate image and brand, and in some cases, help you work with professional marketing agencies as you launch your product.

Corporate Matters. Our Wildlife Lawyers are also well versed in entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, and other business dispositions.

Pro-Staff Representation. As a sponsored or professional hunter, your livelihood centers around your relationships with your sponsors. Let us help you see through the legalese in your TV Contracts and other agreements to ensure that you have the strongest position possible.

The Hunting and Outdoor Industry never stops - call us today and we'll keep you in the hunt.

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