Hunting And Trespassing Violations

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When out in the wild enjoying fishing or hunting, most sportsmen follow the rules of their sport and have no intentions of committing any type of fish and game violation. Unfortunately, this is not always what occurs. A simple mistake can cause criminal charges for trespassing. At, our knowledgeable attorneys, specializing in this area, are avid hunters and fishermen and are fully aware of the consequences of trespassing charges. When you are faced with this situation, it is best to retain the services of a wildlife violations defense attorney who can effectively represent your interests.

Our attorneys understand the confusion people have about many fish and game regulations. Our highly skilled attorneys use our criminal defense experience to aggressively protect clients facing serious fish and game violations.

Types of Trespassing Violations

Each state has state, federal and private land that is available for hunting and fishing. However, an outdoorsman must use common sense and follow guidelines when entering any of these to hunt or fish in. You should know where you are at all times and observe signs and posted areas. However, private property does not necessarily have to be posted in order for trespass laws to be enforced. Follow the local laws, including not littering and leaving all gates the way you found them, if crossing through them.

Most hunters attempt to stay within Federal or State public land when hunting or fishing. If land is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of the Interior, the Bureau of Land Management or the U.S. Department of Agriculture, these lands are generally open to public recreational use, including hunting and fishing, in accordance with regulations prescribed by Federal and State laws. Some of this land, however, may be leased and would require permission to enter.

State Trust lands are not "public" lands in the same sense as the federal lands managed by the federal land management agencies. State lands are "trust lands" and are managed to produce income for the support of the state's schools and public institutions. Only parcels opened for public access and specifically allocated for this type of use can be entered legally to hunt or fish on. Many would require permission to enter in order to avoid trespassing.

As can be seen, it is important to know where your legal access to hunting and fishing is in order to avoid trespassing violations. If charged with this offense, immediately contact wildlife defense lawyers at to preserve your rights. Our skilled attorneys can present a strong defense on your behalf to fight these charges and keep your hunting privileges intact.

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