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Wildlife Wasteful Destruction Laws Violations

Outdoor sports can be very pleasurable and rewarding, one of those enjoyed by many is hunting. This sport is highly regulated for the protection of the wildlife and the safety of surrounding residents and other hunters.

Hunting has many guidlines, rules and regulations which require a high responsibility level when partaking in this sport. Our wildlife violations defense attorneys at WildlifeLawyers.com, a division of Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC, are well educated in these regulations, being avid hunters themselves. The regulations involving hunting can be very complex and hard to understand, especially ones involving Wildlife Wasteful Destruction. This is when all or just part of the animal is left behind after being injured or killed.

When it comes to Wildlife Wasteful Destruction, it doesn't matter if you are legally hunting, illegally poaching, or trophy hunting. You can be accused of this violation if you leave the animal behind, only take the antlers or head, or only take part of the body. In addition, a wildlife officer has the discretion to determine what is "waste" and what isn't, making it a purely subjective matter based on that person's opinion. Since in some cases the laws are not very specific, you can be caught in a situation where you can be wrongfully accused and/or your rights can be violated if you do not have a knowledgeable attorney defending you.

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Experienced Wildlife Lawyer Handling Wasting of Wildlife Violations

WildlifeLawyers.com defense lawyers know outdoor sporting laws well. They know that Wildlife Wasteful Destruction does not only involve hunting, but also the sport of fishing, where it is determined that fish have been wasted unnecessarily. Whether you are hunting for deer, elk, bear, geese, duck, or fishing for steel head or rainbow trout, the regulations can be very detailed and complex and only an experienced, skilled attorney from WildlifeLawyers.com, a division of Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC will protect your rights. To get your questions answered, contact us today.

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