Reality-TV’s Billy Buspice Loses Hunting Privileges until 2019 for Poaching

Billy Buspice, co-host of the reality-TV show “Wildgame Nation” and star of A&E’s upcoming series “Country Buck$,” had his hunting and fishing privileges revoked this week until 2019 by a Louisiana Circuit Court judge as part of his sentencing for charges of allowing an antlerless elk to go to waste and hunting without a license.… Continue reading Reality-TV’s Billy Buspice Loses Hunting Privileges until 2019 for Poaching

Elephant Ivory Case Moving Forward

Hunters going on exotic hunting safaris will be interested to know when they may once again hunt certain countries in Africa for elephants. Currently, the Safari Club International, as well as the National Rifle Association, have filed suit against the Department of Interior regarding their suspension of the importation of elephant trophies of sport-hunted elephants… Continue reading Elephant Ivory Case Moving Forward

Hunter Loses Elk After Reality TV Star Officer Issues Violation for the Cameras

A Minnesota hunter enjoying the elk season in Montana was issued a citation this season for "failure to properly tag" the elk he killed. According to reports, Jim Latvala harvested a beautiful bull elk in the early hours of the morning at first light. He and his brother then had to wade through a swamp… Continue reading Hunter Loses Elk After Reality TV Star Officer Issues Violation for the Cameras

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Opener This Weekend

The pheasant season in Kansas opens this weekend and hunters will be out in force. So too, will the Kansas Game Wardens. With many hunters making their annual pilgrimage to the Sunflower State this weekend, opportunities will abound. A long-held belief among many is the "if it’s not marked with ‘No Hunting’ then it’s perfectly… Continue reading Kansas Pheasant Hunting Opener This Weekend

10th Confirmed Mountain Lion since 2007 in Kansas

A deer hunter in Labette County, Kansas has captured a mountain lion on his trail camera, the first recorded sighting in two years in Kansas. Mountain lions are not a native Kansas species, but are known to traverse broad areas when looking for mates, new home ranges, or food. Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and… Continue reading 10th Confirmed Mountain Lion since 2007 in Kansas

Teal Opener

Waterfowl season has officially opened in many states with early Canada goose and teal seasons in full swing. An opportunity to catch those early migrating blue wings and resident geese, September waterfowl seasons are a great way to knock the rust out of your joints and the dust off the decoys. These seasons afford the… Continue reading Teal Opener

Deer Management Civil War

The National Park Service has unveiled a $1.8 million plan to harvest 2,800 deer from D.C.-area Civil War Battlefields. Public hunting is not allowed on these Park Service grounds, thus the deer population has spiraled wildly out of control. Ideal deer per square mile measurements hover around 25-30 animals per square mile. On these government-controlled… Continue reading Deer Management Civil War

Kendall Jones

It started with a young woman enjoying a treasured past-time with her family. It ended with that same family hearing strangers offering money for explicit pictures of their daughter, their sister. People publicly called for her death in various ways and even exclaimed that they would exact revenge in other, more horrifying ways. Why were… Continue reading Kendall Jones

Heads Up

It’s that time of the year, time to get out and look for those elk and deer sheds. Well at least here in Arizona, you boys up North may have to wait for a little more snow to melt off. You don’t have to find a shed to have a great time in the outdoors… Continue reading Heads Up

Remember When

I was reminiscing the other day about my first whitetail deer hunt in my home state of Michigan and about how hunting has changed over the years. As a kid my dad would take me to my grandfather’s cabin in northern Michigan where we would meet uncles, cousins, and my grandparents. As I remember there… Continue reading Remember When