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BLM Transfer

By Wildlife Lawyer on January 22, 2015

Recreational permits for BLM or State-owned land are vital for some outfitters in Colorado. When it comes time to sell your outfitting business or acquire another outfitter’s company, it is imperative that this permit is handled correctly.

BLM permits can be transferred to a new business owner, but cannot be done so without the BLM’s approval. Forms for transfer must be submitted and approved by a BLM officer before your permit is given to the buyer of your outfitting business.

The BLM may require additional documents from you regarding the sale. An attorney with Wildlife Lawyers will help you draft those documents to ensure your permit is transferred safely. The loss of a permit for recreational use can greatly affect the transfer of a business and every care should be taken to avoid it. Talk to an experienced attorney who understands the outdoor business world and can help protect you and your business.

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