BLM Transfer

Recreational permits for BLM or State-owned land are vital for some outfitters in Colorado. When it comes time to sell your outfitting business or acquire another outfitter’s company, it is imperative that this permit is handled correctly. BLM permits can be transferred to a new business owner, but cannot be done so without the BLM’s… Continue reading BLM Transfer

Hevi-Shot Recall Announcement

Ammunition manufacturer Hevi-Shot has recalled several boxes of its popular shotgun shells. The company has concluded an investigation that revealed sub-standard wads in its 12 gauge, 3 inch, Hevi Metal and Hevi Steel shotshells that could lead to damage or injury. While the shells themselves do not pose a significant risk, the wads may become… Continue reading Hevi-Shot Recall Announcement

Deer Management Civil War

The National Park Service has unveiled a $1.8 million plan to harvest 2,800 deer from D.C.-area Civil War Battlefields. Public hunting is not allowed on these Park Service grounds, thus the deer population has spiraled wildly out of control. Ideal deer per square mile measurements hover around 25-30 animals per square mile. On these government-controlled… Continue reading Deer Management Civil War