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Conservation Easements

By Wildlife Lawyer on October 24, 2014

With public hunting access dwindling down in the United States every day, reserving vital ground for hunters and wildlife is more important than ever. Reserve programs like Conservation Easements offer private landowners the opportunity to maintain the integrity of their property and the hunting opportunities available there.

Through a partnership with government agencies like the USDA, private landowners receive incentives to enroll in the Conservation Easement program. Land enrolled in the program is then reserved for conservation purposes. Restricting development, tilling and other agriculture practices, livestock use, and water drainage helps to provide natural, wild habitat where game animals thrive. While these areas are still privately owned by the original landowner, these areas provide the skilled hunter with a unique opportunity to hunt and should not be overlooked when doing your scouting. Make sure to consult with the landowner about any restrictions placed on the land such as where you can drive or if you can plant a food plot for game.

To learn more about enrolling your acreage into Conservation programs and the benefits available for you, contact an attorney with Wildlife Lawyers. It is important to assess the pros and cons in your unique situation and what kind of contribution you wish to make to conservation, and a Wildlife Lawyer can help you make the right choice.

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