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Elephant Ivory Case Moving Forward

By Wildlife Lawyer on January 8, 2015

Hunters going on exotic hunting safaris will be interested to know when they may once again hunt certain countries in Africa for elephants. Currently, the Safari Club International, as well as the National Rifle Association, have filed suit against the Department of Interior regarding their suspension of the importation of elephant trophies of sport-hunted elephants from Tanzania and Zimbabwe in 2014.

In a memorandum opinion issued last month, the United States District Court, District of Columbia granted the Department’s motion to dismiss the Tanzania claims but denied the motion to dismiss the Zimbabwe claims. Still, the plaintiffs have been allowed time to refile an amended complaint.

The road ahead is a long one, but these organizations have chosen to fight the battle for hunters looking to hunt elephants in Africa and import the ivory trophy back to the United States legally. Even in the countries where harvested animals may be exported to the US legally, several rules and regulations from treaties and statutes apply and the hunter must be careful to abide by those guidelines. An attorney at Wildlife Lawyers can help to ensure your exotic trophy is not confiscated or destroyed. If you are planning an African or other exotic safari hunt and want an experienced attorney to assist with the permitting process, call Wildlife Lawyers.