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Kansas Hunters Facing Migratory Bird Violations

By Wildlife Lawyer on September 12, 2014

It has been hunting season for less than a month and hunters are already making the news in a big way. Four Kansas men were allegedly found in possession of 209 doves, according to KDWPT employees.

Doves are a migratory bird, and if these hunters are convicted or plead guilty to any charges, there could be very serious repercussions. Under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the hunters could face federal penalties depending on the route taken by officials in Kansas. Federal judges do not take these kinds of charges lightly and the case will likely attract a lot of attention from hunters, pro- and anti-hunting groups, and legislative authorities through to its conclusion.

When facing these kinds of charges, the advice of a lawyer is crucial in understanding the consequences that go along with accepting any plea bargains from the District Attorney. Judges and prosecutors have little to no say in most states in the administrative repercussions imposed by the Department of Wildlife and Parks, including the suspension of your hunting license or lifetime ban from the sport.

Check back here for a follow-up once the charges being pursued against these individuals are made public.

Article from the Wichita Eagle:

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