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By Wildlife Lawyer on February 14, 2013

"Those of us who know the thrill of the hunt whether an animal is downed or not, know that it is the joy of being one with nature that is the elemental reason for being a hunter. The family bonds that occur as we watch our sons & grandsons, march into the forest with a rifle on his shoulder, knowing he is safe and well trained, will always have the deep satisfaction of a job well done, passing the reins to a new generation of hunters & sportsman."

The quote posted above is from someone who understands that hunting is not about killing, it is about the joy that comes from being out in the wild and sharing those experiences with family and friends. As a hunter myself some of the greatest experiences in my life have come while hunting. I look forward to the continued experiences as my son reaches the age to join us this year. He will be a third generation Colorado big game hunter. I sit in the same stand as my father before me in a location we have hunted for more than forty years. Over the course of that period my father, uncle, nephew, best friend, best friend’s son, cousin, new friends and myself have all taken big game from this location. I look forward to my son joining this list, but more importantly I look forward to sharing the joy of the hunt and camaraderie of the hunt camp with the next generation of our family. Only other hunters can understand and appreciate the bond that is created and everlasting memories from such experiences among men.

Chad M. Biggerstaff, Esq.