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By Wildlife Lawyer on February 22, 2013

Well howdy everyone; just wanted to introduce myself as I will be adding a blog to this website every now and again. I will share some stories from the past, stories as they happen, a little politics and legal situations. I hope to keep it interesting, fun, informative, or maybe all three.

A little background, I have been hunting for nearly 60 years, yes I’m "gittin" old but I did start pretty young. I was following my dad around the squirrel woods when I was 6-years-old, I got my first .22 at 10-years-old and my first deer rifle, a .3030 Winchester model 64, when I was 13. I shot my first deer, a doe, in the woods of northern Michigan at the ripe old age of 14.

Since then I have hunted in eight states and Canada. I killed the second moose ever taken in modern times in Colorado in 1983 maybe 1984. I have hunted mule deer, whitetail deer, Shiras Moose, Alaska-Yukon Moose, Rocky Mt. Goat, Rocky Mt. Big Horn Sheep, black bears, caribou, pronghorn antelope, elk, and not so big game like javelina, turkey, and wild hogs.

All this to say that I’ve been where you’ve been and done the things you’ve done, so my hope is to bring back a few memories, make you more aware of today’s issues and maybe take a stand for your hunting heritage.