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Tru Shot Bow Site

By Wildlife Lawyer on February 26, 2013

Just received the new Tru Shot Bow Site from Apik Enterprises – ( – a space-age advancement over the old pendulum sites off the past. This bow site uses index cam technology and can be shot from either the ground or an elevated tree stand.

The cam on this bow site allows you to use one pin site that is accurate from 0 yards to nearly 40 yards and further depending on the speed of the arrow. The site has index positions that allows for the height of the tree stand or a severe up and down elevation if shooting from the ground.

I’ve found on my bow that I can site in and shoot from 0-32 yards or from 20-42 yards depending on how I site it in. The sweet thing is I now only have one pin to contend with and I don’t have to use my range finder. I just aim and shoot and the rest is in the freezer.

I’ve mounted the site on my bow and have set it up for the upcoming javelina season here in Arizona. I’ll share my hunting adventures chasing the wily javelina with a Tru-Shot Bow Site in the very near future.

Apik Enterprises is owned and operated by Don Kalfayan, a guy who has been shooting bows for 60 years; we didn’t want to give his age away. Don is a great resource, a very savvy bow hunter, and easy to talk to, if you have any questions or would like to order one of his sites give him a call at 906-203-9168.